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Easy Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Can Try at Home

Maybe transforming your old, grumpy home to a comfy, impressive one is on top of your to-do list this year. Nothing is as therapeutic is seeing your living space become a blissful haven for your family and friends. If your home is old or you simply need a change, you can consider kitchen or bathroom remodeling. With a little planning and creativity, you can spruce up your and make it desirable once again.

The following are steps you should consider when remodeling the bathroom:

1. Decide how far you want to go.

It is important that you make a decision from the onset on the extent of remodeling you want to do in your bathroom or kitchen. Here are some ideas:
• Surface alterations: you can decide to do a surface-level remodel if you just want to cover instead of replacing the entire design. This happens when you generally like the general layout as well as the size of the structure that is supporting your bathroom.
• Change layout: this is when you want to change the layout of the bathroom. It could prove more difficult than the surface alterations.
• Complete remodel: with complete remodeling, you want to change both the layout and the surface alterations. At this point, you are considering doing away with the old wall studs, joists and the windows. You really need to be sure that this is the kind of remodeling you want to do before proceeding because it is the most difficult; therefore, the most expensive. Remodeling the bathroom or kitchen may not sound like anything that can cost so much money; however, it can cost several thousand dollars to remodel the room. More information on remodeling of kitchen and bathroom can be viewed at Even if the room may be small, you might find yourself spending as much as $15,000 and most of that money goes to the subcontractors like electricians and plumbers. If the cost of remodeling the bathroom sounds like something you cannot afford now, you could think of applying for a home equity loan.

2. Make a decision whether to do the remodeling yourself or hire a contractor.

At this point, you need to make a decision on whether you want to do the job yourself or you want to hire a professional designer. Tips for hiring a professional designer can be viewed by clicking here. Unless you are motivated and merely doing surface alterations, it is advisable to hire a professional designer. You should ensure that you have the skills to do the job yourself if you don’t want the services of professional interior designer.

That being said, it is important to state here that not all jobs are created equal. For instance, it might be easy to install a new toilet but when it comes to installing a new tiled shower, you should leave that to the pros. Therefore, you should asses which projects you can do yourself and which ones should be left to the contractor. Ensure that the contractor you intend to hire is properly licensed.

The thing that makes remodeling such an expensive undertaking is the fact that you are changing many things in one. In other words, you are dealing with the underlying structure of electrical and plumbing system. In order not to ruin your chances of remodeling the bathroom or kitchen into something great, you should not hurry with the changes or do it. This includes making decisions regarding walls, floors and the overall layout of the bathroom. And in such circumstances, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional interior designer.